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Free cash flow
Section:   eng » Cash Management  
Free cash flow  For current and potential investors that invest in assets of a firm, the main interest is the ability of management to generate positive cash flows from their operation, which not only cover all the costs, but also provide a welfare gain. Therefore, in decision-making investors not focus on gross or net, and free cash flow firms, which can be directed at their disposal.
General characteristics of methods for assessing the effectiveness of the investment project
Section:   eng » Methods of assessing the effectiveness of investme  
General characteristics of methods for assessing the effectiveness of the investment project  Methods for analysis of investment performance used to address one of the following tasks:

- Determine the level of effectiveness of the independent investment project for its acceptance or rejection;

- Determine the level of performance mutually exclusive projects (relative efficiency) to evaluate the possibility of adopting one of several alternatives.

The essence of the investment project
Section:   eng » Investment project  
The essence of the investment project  Investment project - a study of economic feasibility, scope and timing of capital expenditures, including necessary construction documents developed in accordance with the law and duly approved standards (norms and rules), as well as a description of practical actions to implement the investments ( Business Plan). Under the priority investment project means a project, the total volume of capital investments that meet the requirements of the legislation, included in the list approved by the government.
Formation of an investment portfolio
Section:   eng » Investment portfolio and its methods of management  
Formation of an investment portfolio  The purpose of building a portfolio of securities - to preserve and increase capital.
Forms of Foreign Investment
Section:   eng » Foreign investment  
Forms of Foreign Investment  Undertaken on the basis of effective cooperation between the countries flows of investment capital is becoming increasingly important. Foreign investments - is the contribution of foreign capital in the assets of national companies.
Sources of investment financing
Section:   eng » Financing of investments  
Sources of investment financing  Selecting the optimal structure of financing sources is one of the decisive issues for the investor. This choice is made after the selected strategic goals of the organization, defined the idea of ​​the project took into account possible risks.
The nature and function of investment management
Section:   eng » Investment Management  
The nature and function of investment management  Investment management is a part of general management. Accordingly, the investment management - a combination of techniques, principles of management of the investment process, traffic control, investment resources to produce income (profit) in the future while minimizing costs and expenses.


Management activities associated with the investment process, can occur at different levels: state, territory, region, industry, enterprise. This creates a particular investment management across the state and within individual businesses. However, management at all levels is based on a common methodological framework assessing the effectiveness of limited resources.

The purpose of investment analysis
Section:   eng » Fundamentals of Investment Analysis  
The purpose of investment analysis  The activities of any company, one way or another, associated with an investment of resources in different types of assets, whose acquisition is necessary for the core activities of this company. But to increase the profitability of the firm may also invest temporarily available resources to various types of assets, income, but do not participate in core activities. Such activity is called an investment firm, and management of such activities - investment management firm.
The History of the investment
Section:   eng » The essence of investment  
The History of the investment  Investment - one of the most frequently used concepts in the economy. The term "investment" comes from the Latin tueayo - "dress" and implies a long-term investment.


In the era of feudalism feudal investiture called staging his vassal in the management feud (possession). The same word means the appointment of the parish, received while in the control of church lands to their people and the right to trial. Inauguration ceremony was accompanied by the appropriate vestments and empowerment. Investiture enabled the investor (or, in modern terms, the investor) to attach to their new territory and to participate in management.

Warren Buffett - a successful investor in the world
Section:   eng » Successful Investors  
Warren Buffett - a successful investor in the world  Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett), to convince the majority of his colleagues - the most successful investor, who made his capital by investing in stocks. However, the word "luck" is probably not the most appropriate. In choosing sites for investment Buffett holds very fundamental analysis - he picks stocks for financial and operational performance of public companies. He buys not just shares, and a successful business that stands behind these securities. In this case, Buffett prefers those assets that, in his opinion, at the time of purchase of undervalued. Of course, Buffett's long-term investor - on average it holds stocks for 10 years. And according to him, he does not care what happens to the stock exchange after he bought them. By his own admission, good stocks, he will keep as much as they will be able to generate profits. Sell ​​them ahead of time he will not, and this may somewhat reduce the financial performance of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) (BRKB) - so he thinks Buffett.
Successful Investors

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Investments, investment management, investment project
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